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Date: November 12th 1916

Canadian Convalescent Hospital

Uxbridge England

Nov 12th 16

Dear Mother:-

You see by the above address that I have been moved. I have been here about a week. My arm is off the splint and is coming along fine.

I had a letter from Maud B. the other day. I answered it and sent her a photo, the same as the one I am enclosing today. I am also enclosing one for you to send on to Aunt Ethel as we are not allowed to send photos to the states. This is a rotten pen I've got hold of so you will have to excuse the writing.

Aunt Ethel's baby was born on the 15th Sept, same day I got wounded.

I had a letter from Uncle Fred written two months ago today. I have had no letters from you since I got here. Have had no word from Frank yet so I don't know whether he has landed yet.

Pretty slow here although we are only 15 miles from London. Only one picture show.

I was kind of sorry to leave the hospital but still we've got more freedom here as we are allowed out till 9 at night. It's like drawing hind teeth to get a pass to London.

Had rotten days but nice nights lately. Church parade is just over. Fred tells me Gordon B. has left Whitewood. Syd was O.K. last I heard from him.

Well dear love to all.