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Date: September 14th 1915

Otterpool Camp

Westenhangar, Kent

Tuesday Sept 14th '15

Dear Mother:-

It is just four months yesterday since we pulled out from Winnipeg and tonight we leave as the advance guard for the front. Syd was leaving at 4 o'clock with the transport. I have just said goodbye to him. Dad was up to see us on Sunday. I guess we won't see him before we go as they did not tell us we were going until noon and we will be going in the middle of the night. You will see the account in the paper long before you get this letter.

I had two days leave last week and saw Granny Adams and young Mr. And Mrs. Adams. I went down to see Prescott Row, Dad's uncle, but he was away so I stayed with some friends of theirs who treated me like a king. Granny Adams and I rode all through London on a bus when we were going up to see Mr. Adams. They have three little kids. We only stayed there about half an hour as Mr. Adams had to go and hold a service. He looks worked to death as he is a special constable and is likely to be called out any time of a night. He is chaplain to a girl's home and half a dozen other things. Granny looks very well but her hair is whiter.

I got into London on Wednesday night just as the air raid was on. I saw one of the zeppelins and the guns firing on it. All the women were running around screeching and some were fainting. I never laughed so much in all my life. I could see the glow of the big warehouses that were on fire near Baker Street. The fire engines were tearing around and the streets were full of people.

I had a letter from Florence yesterday and she told me that Everet and art had gone harvesting. I hear there is good money being made this fall. I had a letter from you on Saturday.

Well dear Mother I'll have to close as we've got to go and draw some new underwear and stuff.

Love to all,


P.S. Will write you from France as soon as I can.