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Date: November 11th 1915


Nov 11th 15

Dear Dad:-

I rec'd your very welcome letter last night. We are still in the same job and in winter quarters. We are in a good sized town.

I had a letter from Mother last night. You will see by the heading they have moved into the Hecla Block. I have had no letter from Syd since I have been down here but I guess no news is good news. When did he get on the water wagon?

The battalion seems to be plugging along the same old way. We have Lt. Cameron, Sir D. Cameron's son down here in charge. He says they are working hell out of the boys and says we are lucky to be down here. Lt. Page went back to take his place. The boys do six days in the trenches and three days rest which means working digging trenches at night and parading in the daytime so they never get a decent sleep.

I received an invitation from the Whitewood Quadrille Club with a list of Whitewood boys who have joined the colors, 64 in all. Pretty good for the old town eh? There is a fellow working with me by the name of Liggett who knows you. He was with you to Portage once. He belongs to C Company.

You seem to be having a pretty good time of it motoring around with nurses etc. I am forwarding your letter home. I am glad to hear you got that stripe. I will drink to your good luck on payday when I draw my 15 francs.

Cpl. Hoppers' people live at Deal. That was quite a slam they gave them at Otterpool all right. Say I wish you would try and get me a package of tea tablets as we can't buy tea out here. Some Players wouldn't come amiss either as we are always short of tobacco. A liitle Battle Axe would help some. Give my kind regards to S.P. when you write and tell him to look after the nurses.

Well it's time for lights out so I'll have to close.