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Date: February 1918

Feb 1 - started letter to G.L.F. wrote Millie and Miss Lucas.

Feb 2 - Had a fine supper at canteen up to wrote G.L.F

Feb 3 - went to church wrote home and took a bath

Feb 4 - Stayed in by the fire N. doing.

Feb 5 - Gun drill, went to bed at 7:00p.m

Feb 6 - Half holiday, played penny ante, won 2/6 wrote G.L.F

Feb 7 - Officer and horse killed, man hurt by runaway horse, Cole got 2. boxes

Feb 8 - Rain - presentation to returned soldiers went to post office with Cole, got the hives.

Feb 9 - Canadian mail nothing doing Rain breach mag, wrote G.L.F

Feb 10 - went Church, Garrick 7 days C.B for turnip, oldson 7 C.B washing in fire pail

Fed 11 - would not give mail out, court marshal.

Feb 12 - No mail, New clothes went to bed

Feb 13 - On guard at gun park, route march with officers wrote G.L.F

Feb 14 - got letter a GLF Dec 16, played penny ante won 1/3.

Feb 15 - Had to clean the grounds, no mail K. Geddes in hut. Gordon in Hospital

Feb 16 - Got 3 letters from GLF Jan 4, 7, 16, Nos 4, 5, 6, went to [?] with Miller just out of hospital wrote GLF Saturday Feb pm.

Feb 17 - Went to church, up to Tin town with Cole, wrote GLF, was talkin to young, Roy Fitz

Feb 18 - Perfect Day, Hung around all day. foot drill half hour sent pictures to GLF and letters. Met Dave Smuck at Tin town

Feb 19 - Gun drill Gordon out of hospital, wrote home. Got hair shaved off bald. Took laundry to Milford wrote to Rose.

Feb 20 - Gun drill, half holiday, Medical inspection, Canadian mail, bunch on draft,

Feb 21 - Route march, No 3, Cole No 2, horses went over the bank No mail, played [?] at night

Feb 22 - K & L in a [?] Gun laying, beat parade, Got 5 letters from GLF, 23, 24, 24, 26 and 29, wrote GLF, Miller in hospital with skabbies, or lice

Feb 23 - Half holiday, Canadian mail, N. Doing out Gunnery school on Musketry for a week, wrote to GLF and Card, Cora B. a letter

Feb 24 - went to church Cole and Scottie back at B.Battery, went to Bramshot, saw the draftees from Sarnia and Harold Pioure

Feb 25 - quarantined with measles 14 days, 1st day on musketry, went shooting, no mail.

Feb 26 - Measles, nothing by hang around the hut, Cole in to see me, wrote G.L.F

Feb 27 - Measles, up to see the 63rd, draftees, Wallace, FitzGibbons, & Cameron Cole got me cigarettes & laundry.

Feb 28 - Measles, Cole brought me Camels, no mail nothing doing.