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Date: March 1918

Mar 1 - very cold, Canadian mail in but no doing, measles

Mar 2 - Measles, raining and still cold wrote to GLF no mail, inspection

Mar 3 - Musketry, cold and rain, measles Cole got me cigarettes, sent my laundry, fifth division went to France.

Mar 4 - Musketry & measles Cole up to see me rain & very cold no mail.

Mar 5 - Musketry & measles at the ranges made 15, and 10 shooting, military funiral of
murdered soldier at Godalaming. Wrote GLF

Mar 6 - Musketry & measles C. inspection, & half holiday, fine day, no mail, went up fifth division to see the bunch Cole still here

Mar 7 - Musketry & measles shooting at ranges made 18. wrote GLF, paid 10 shillings up to Milford, with Gordon & Cole

Mar 8 - Received letter from GLF, Cole & Campbell left for France at 9:30 on hut Orderly measles.

Mar 9 - Measles, up to see Cameron and FitzGibbon with Gordon no mail,

Mar 10 - Measles, no mail washing windows up to Tin town wrote GLF

Mar 11 - Measles, inspection in morning went to concert at Y with Gordon

Mar 12 - Measles, inspection in the morning, Got letter from GLF, C.L and home, wrote GLF, home, Dot & Walt.

Mar 13 - spinal men. measles, 2 letters from GLF, and Carrie Lucas, wrote GLF.

Mar 14 - spinal menigites no mail, played football,

Mar 15 - out of quarantine, washing dishes letter from GLF, Stone out of hospital went to Milford, best dressed on guard wrote GLF at night.

Mar 16 - swept out huts and received three letters from GLF, and wrote GLF. Got letter from Florie and returned one.

Mar 17 - St. Patricks Day went to Church and back to the B.Bat. wrote GLF

Mar 18 - wrote GLF back in B. Bat. wrote Bol. and Mrs. Dillabaugh went up to see Cameron

Mar 19 - went thru gas chambers, at B Batt. Got new gas mask on draft for France

Mar 20 - Cleaning up for draft, wrote GLF, got new coat, tunic & pants for draft.

Mar 21 - went out on first draft parade rotten, no mail up to Milford with Gordon & Fox, Germans make drive.

Mar 22 - draft parade, on prade and inspected by General French No mail, wrote GLF

Mar 23 - draft parade, inspected by O.C. afternoon dismissed went out to Tin town with Gordon

Mar 24 - inspected by Colonel, hung around all afternoon with Stone

Mar 25 - inspected by Colonel and major, no mail, on draft

Mar 26 - No mail, lunch went on draft to France, on draft went to hospital

Mar 27 - two boxes from Gladys and wrote letter to her, on draft still

Mar 28 - hospital, no mail

Mar 29 - hospital, no mail arrested in Tin town for not having spurs

Mar 30 - hospital, and route march for an hour, no mail

Mar 31 - hospital, no mail wrote GLF still on draft