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Date: November 1918

Nov 1 - wrote GLF and got a letter from Rose, with 5 Francs in it, had a half holiday

Nov 2 - went to Domain and Erre for coal

Nov 3 - wrote Rose at night and on picket

Nov 4 - still at Marchines

Nov 5 - moved into action

Nov 6 - still on the move

Nov 7 - in action near Belgium

Nov 8 - received letter from GLF saw Stone

Nov 9 - Received cigarettes from GLF still in action in Belgium

Nov 10 - in action in Belgium near Mons

Nov 11 - Orders to cease firing and stand too until further orders

Nov 12 - standing too no orders to fire or carry on, no mail, card to GLF met Stone and Quinn and Haymare of the 63rd

Nov 13 - moving on towards Germany

Nov 14 - Rest for one day, wrote GLF

Nov 15 - Rest for one day, move again tomorrow

Nov 16 - Resting, letter from GLF

Nov 17 - on the move stayed at Belgian village at night

Nov 18 - Got letter from Florence at Mons.

Nov 19 - on the move towards Germany

Nov 20 - wrote GLF Got letter from Velma

Nov 21 - stayed at Belgian farm house for two days

Nov 22 - Belgian farm house

Nov 23 - on our way to Brussels arrived at night
Nov 24 - Got letter and box from GLF

Nov 25 - on the move arrived at Belgian town called Sauveniere. Passed Battle of Waterloo grounds monument

Nov 26 - wrote GLF finished letter I started at Brussels

Nov 27 - moved to Andenelle stayed night and day waiting for rations

Nov 28 - Gilchrist goes to hospital with flue no mail.

Nov 29 - no mail still on move towards Germany.