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Date: December 1918

Dec 1 - moved to Huy no mail or rations Church 1654 Fort also very old

Dec 2 - moved all day, letter from Velma stayed at Hamoir at night

Dec 3 - moved all day, no mail, stayed at German Ladies College at night near German Border

Dec 4 - wrote home stayed in same college as night before, no mail name of place Grand Hellus

Dec 5 - wrote GLF from Germany. Billetted at Bonn

Dec 6 - no mail moved from Bonn to Kilcourt, on picquet

Dec 7 - moved from Kilcourt to Sistig German people very clean and much different from French

Dec 8 - Stoled four geese and cooked them and Fried potatoes eat at 12 midnight

Dec 9 - no mail moved to Obergarzin brought milk

Dec 10 - Stayed same place, got letter from GLF

Dec 11 - Crossed Rhine at noon and through the city of Cologne inspected by King of Belgium and General McDonald moving pictures taken

Dec 12 - Billetted at Eil, 11 Kilemeters from Cologne went to Cologne at night by car it is under marshal law. Cannot talk to civilians, went into Cathedral and swell restaurant

Dec 13 - went to Cologne in afternoon and stayed until 11 o'clock last car, went to show

Dec 14 - stayed at Eil all day Billetted in a saloon slept all afternoon

Dec 15 - still at Eil, wrote home and GLF, sent cards to two GLF, Velma and Rose, home and Bob, afternoon off

Dec 16 - Received letter and box from GLF, still at Eile

Dec 17 - Received box from home, still at Eile in picquet. Got box from home, still at Eile, sold revolver for 50 francs, two men shot at Cologne

Dec 18 - Received box from the Daughters of the Empire and letters from GLF

Dec 19 - wrote GLF and home also sent cards to Velma, Rose, Bob, and GLF and home

Dec 20 - moved from Eil to Promz billetted in factory, a fine place, horses in lumber yards.

Dec 21 - Got letter from GLF still at Pronz just off Cologne answered letter to GLF received today wrote Miss Taylor D. of Empire

Dec 22 - Went to Eil had supper at old Billet with Gardiner

Dec 23 - went up town at Proz, had a couple of beers with Gardiner

Dec 24 - went to Eil, Osborne Gardiner and I had supper at old billet and beer

Dec 25 - Christmas Day, had Xmas dinner at 7th Batt and Gardiner and I went to the DAC and had supper.

Dec 26 - went to German dance at Eil, home early, no mail

Dec 27 - no mail rained all day, escourt for court-marshal Got box from Rose

Dec 28 - still raining, escourt for court marshal and cleaned harness stayed in at night no mail.

Dec 29 - went up town, town Major wounded and general riot.

Dec 30 - stayed in no mail, played euchre

Dec 31 - Went down town, put corporal and Gardiner to bed, after fight in billet