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Date: July 18th 1918

July 18th 1918

Dear Father:

Think my last letter was one to Mother dated the 9th although I have mailed a couple of Field cards since. Nothing out of the ordinary has taken place lately. Was on duty at office on 10th and on 12th was observing at forward again also yesterday and that is about the extent of the work I have done lately. One was for the 24 hrs and yesterday only during daylight.

The last couple of days have been very hot and sultry and I have been sweating rather freely, or I suppose I should say perspiring. Have also had a few showers but they have not freed the air much.

We received a Canadian mail a few days ago and it was very welcome. Mail is coming better and oftener lately. Hope mine is reaching you alright.

You might send the Guelph paper as it comes alright. Papers seem to get though these days pretty good. The Weekly would be sufficient if you can. Think Marshalls is stopped now although he received a bunch last week. He has been getting the Herald. If you subscribe only send it for 6 months in case of change of address. If possible I would like the Sat. Evening Post if you can get it. Also only for six months.

Roy apparently had a bad time of it, and it would not be very nice. Uncle George looks very good in the picture. Also Aunt Betsy. The sun was in their faces when it was taken.

You will be interested to know that during the past month I have been taking steps about applying for a commission. Do not mention anything about it to anyone outside of the family as it is such an uncertain thing and anyway takes about nine months to get through. I am trying to get in to the Imperial Army as there is little chance in the Canadians. Was up before the Colonel a couple of days ago and got along alright. Have still to appear before higher authorities and then after that comes the want of about nine months until I am ordered to England for a cadet course. Will let you know how things proceed. It may be turned down on account of so many being in ahead. Two left last week who had waited 9 months. One was an observor. Marshall is also trying to get through. The Flying Corps is considerably faster but I do not fancy it and anyway think I am too heavy. The reason I do not want it mentioned is because there are so many chances of it falling thought and reports would get around that would not be correct. My certificate from Kingston will be a help as I sent it in too and the Colonel asked me some questions about it. Expect to have a report for Isabel the next time I write. Leave is again the talk and understand it is now moving so a few months may see me fairly well along. There are about ninety ahead of me now.

We received another box from the Ontario Govt this week. A box was split between two so I received some gum & a few candys. The people of P.E.I. also sent about 20 parcels to be divided up so I also had a share of them too. In a draw I got a tin of canned chicken which was not bad when nine were drawing for it. It is about enough for a meal for one. Our canteen generally use their profits to buy extras for the meals but understand they are going to give us a bonus of ten Francs about $2.00 which will be useful.

Suppose you will be having plenty of visitors these days. Anyway the berries will be about ripe and then can earn their board in the patch, or hoeing potatoes. It is nine months today since I landed in France and two years since I left Edmn. this week.

This is about all the news at present.

Love to all

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