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Date: September 6th 1944
Joseph Wright

Wed. Sept 6/44

Dear Bea,

I received your welcome letter yesterday, and was very pleased to hear from you, I know it is rather hard for you to find time to write, as you must be kept more than busy, working all day, then coming home and do your housework so thanks a lot for the nice letter also thank Paul for me, I really enjoyed that, and so did some of my pals here, please tell Paul I am glad he got the Rosary, and that I don't drive a tank, but a big truck, with all supplies for the tanks, such as ammunition, and food, the tanks we use here, is something I am not allowed to mention, if I have too many medals he may have them, and I will try and bring him back some sort of souvenier as for the ranks in the Army his Uncle Charlie can tell him that, as there has been no changes since the last war. he sure must be a grand boy Bea, and it was nice of him to write me. Well Bea it is about 9 P.M. and raining hard, I have a little tent set up, and a light hooked up to my battery, so I thought it a good chance to answer your letter, I had another six day attack of Malaria, but am feeling fine again now, I hope Bea that you and Gert and the children had a nice vacation [ar Washago?] perhaps next year I will be able to go along, so you found all our ages in the records, I am a little curious, as to the year I was born, was it 1907.? I am pretty sure that is right, if Chuck is still in england, he shouldn't be fed up Bea, he don't know how lucky he is, if he had been with me for the past year, he would realize that, but the news is good now, and it shouldn't be too long till we are all home again. Well Bea I had a nice three day leave in Rome, quite the City, had a real good time, and took in all the sights, tell you all about that when I get home, have been through the City of Florence several times, and spent from 10 A.M. till 6 P.M. to-day there, there is quite, a lot of damage to buildings and bridges there, but it is still a nice City with lots to see, a beautifull Cathedral which hasn't been damaged, I don't know where we stop next perhaps Milan, or maybe Berlin, but I have seen about all of this side of the world I want, give me good old Toronto Well Bea, please let the rest of the family know I am well, and thinking of you all, how is Alf, well I hope, I was so glad to hear, that he and Mary had a nice holiday in Buffalo, please phone Mother and let her know, you heard from me, I will have to say good-bye for this time, write when you can, and give my regards to Vin.

Love to all
Your loving Brother
Joe x x x x

B8118[7?]. Pte Wright.J.T.
1st Cdn Arm'd B'de Corp
83 Corp. R.C.A.S.C.
Cent. Med. Forces.