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Date: November 18th 1943
William Hay
Hilda Hay

569 Yonge St., Toronto, Ontario

My Dear Bill:

I received another one of your letters today, and you certainly keep me busy answering them, but I love to hear from you so keep up the good work.

It's awfully dead here in Toronto, and I'm not having any fun. But then, I don't suppose anybody is really having any fun any more, and we won't have until this "thing" is over.

I've started a part-time job on war work. I work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night from 6:15 until 10:15, and Sundays from 9 - 4. They pay 60c an hour and time and a half for Sundays, so that aint bad. What do you think? They won't take anyone on unless you have a full-time job besides, I like it fine, and I hope I can keep it up.

Beverly knows how to run the switchboard now, I showed her how tonight. She's a cute kid and I have lots of fun with her. So they're keeping you pretty busy down there eh? Well you tell them not to give you too much to do, or I'll come right down and knots in their heads. Don't forget.

You know it was a week ago tonight that we first went out. I don't think I ever forget that night or the other one for that matter, I had such a marvellous time. It's too bad we couldn't live them over again. The two weeks you were here just flew by. Oh well, we can just hope for the best. Everyone at the "Morque" is still kicking, and they send their regards.

Tell Len I wish him lots of luck. I meant to mention him in my first letter, but I think I forgot so please apologize for me. Tell him Jessie is fine, and I'm going to see her tomorrow night.

Well sugar, this is all for now.

Au revoir, Love Hilda

Write soon and the best of luck.