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Date: August 27th 1918
John Row

Aug 27th 18

Dear Wife,

Yours of the second inst. to hand. Glad you enjoyed yourself at the Tooths. Mrs. Tooth is very nice.

You do not say how Philip passed, well up the list or not. Don't get the idea that I do not like to hear from Bessie, even if her letters are slangy.

Have not heard from the boys lately. All were well at last hearing. Had a snap of Jack and Sydney and they both look hearty.

Had as letter from Lucy, first for ages, with photos of Mr. Porter's home and livestock. Typewritten viz the letter, becoming quite modern.

Well, since joining the new organization been touring the country. In good shape, moonlight marches, and the old man kept up with the best of them. Looks at this date as tho we have the bulge on Heinie, may we keep it and end it this fall. Anyhow, do not feel like spending another winter in France, so many try for the base or England for the winter and leave room for a younger man. Lost quite a little weight during the march, regained my youthful figure and feeling disgracefully well. Three to a load, clean it up, and careful of the crumbs. Have seen a number of dead Heinies and oodles of prisoners.

Just received Philosophy of Health for August, so your subscription clicked in time, only lost one number. Mail has not been good, missed several numbers of Saturday Evening Post, also Literary Digest. It may improve.

Love to all. See that you get lots of coal, we may be home to help you burn it yet. When we get on the farm will be independent of even the coal merchant. Tell Philip to write whether he wants to or not, just a scribble.

J. Row