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Date: January 10th 1917
Toronto Women's Alliance

Jan 10th 1917

Military Hospital
"Windy Knoll"

Dear Miss Swift

Will you kindly convey to the members of the Woman's Alliance of the Unitarian Church my sincere thanks for their Christmas greeting and the book of ballads by Robert W. Service.
We had a merry time during the holiday season at our hospital. We always get all the Canadians from the transports who are acutely sick and they usually come in numbers so that everyone is called into service and we take no time to rest for two or three days, until it is a pleasure for one to have Canadians to nurse and I know they are very pleased when they find out I am a Canadian too. Many have told me how much at home it makes them feel-

Please give my kind regards to my friends at the Church-

Yours Sincerely
[Alice?] J. [LauB.?]