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Date: April 1917

April, 1917

Dearest Mother:

Have been intending to write you for the last two or three days but have been very busy and never got around to it. However have nothing to do this afternoon so must write some letters. Sent a letter on the ninth and received a letter from you on the twelfth. Since my last letter was written there have been big things doing here and the ninth of April and succeeding days will not soon be forgotten by the Canadians. Easter Monday was fitly celebrated by a splendid advance and the capture of one of the strongest Hun positions on the western front. We have already moved our position ahead a couple of miles and expect within the next few days to move again. I cannot say very much about what
is going on but you will have read about it and far better accounts than I could give. We have been pretty busy the last few days and will not have much free time from now on, for each move means a lot of new wire to be laid and the old all has to be taken up. Yesterday I was on a party laying a line out over the ridge in front to a new O.P. and it was there we saw the tremendous effect of our concentrated artillery fire, - trenches levelled to the ground, dugouts blown to pieces, a barren emptiness shattered and ruined by the destructive force of scientific warfare. Nowhere is there the slightest trace of vegetation left. It is one continuous mass of shell holes from the 15 inch craters down to the whizz bang ; and at intervals the deep, yawning mine craters, which obliterated even the shell holes. And everywhere mud, mud to your ankles and if you are not careful where you walk mud to your knees or deeper. However a few good days will dry it up and surely we ought have it finer from now on. This morning I went out again with the O.P. party to show them the line and O.P.. Got in about one, had dinner and a wash and shave. It is about three now. I received the parcel with eats from Mary Moore enclosed the night before last. Many thanks for your share in it. I want to write to Mary this afternoon too if I get time. So far this month has been cold and rainy but it is finer today and I hope that we are going to have it finer from now on. Don't think I have any more news this time so will ring off and write some more letters. All the boys are fine. I am as fit as a fiddle and just feel good for the work that is ahead of us.

Love to all and a large share for yourself from your loving son, Harold