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Date: June 23rd 1917

June 23, 1917

Dearest Mother:

Received your letter of May 20 and 27 in this week's mail, also a parcel of socks from Laura, a letter from Enid and the letter from Albert written from his station in Nova Scotia also your parcel mailed on May 29 containing two tins of chicken, milk, dates, nuts, etc.. Many, many thanks for it. The milk and chicken were splendid while the dates and nuts were a very nice treat. The French book which you spoke of sending has not showed a yet but will probably come in next week's mail. Many thanks for your trouble in getting it and sending it. I will send Claude a line to thank him for it as soon I get it.
This has been a splendid day but it is getting cloudy now and looks like a shower. We have had quite a bit of rain during the last week and it has been welcome for since the middle of we have hardly had more then a couple of thunder showers and everything was getting very dry and dusty.

You ask in what condition the Scotch cake was when I received it. Splendid! They could not have come in any better shape. Hardly any of them were broken and the few that were, were just as good for they had to be broken to eat them anyway.

Was glad to hear that Joe Fleming had signed up. In going into the Flying Corps he has chosen one of the best branches of the service for the work, besides being extremely interesting and of inestimable value also offers a large field of opportunity after the war. Flying as yet is only in its infancy but the war has so fully demonstrated its possibilities and has achieved so many improvements that its future is assured beyond a doubt.

I am glad to see that they are giving some of our stay-at-homes a lesson at last and bringing on Conscription. That is not before time for there are our far too many of our boys holding down soft jobs at home when they should be over here where men are so urgently needed.

I haven't seen it Joe Clark since I saw him early in April. They moved away from where we were and I don't know just where they are now. However I am expecting a letter from him one of these days and am going to look him up again whenever I get the chance. I was pleasantly surprised in reading Mrs. [?] letter. That is certainly very kind of her to remember me as she has done and I appreciated it very much. I shall write to her as soon as the parcel comes.

Now Mother I must ring off for this time. We'll write again in a few days. All well.

Love to all from, Harold