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Date: August 12th 1915

Otterpool Camp
Aug 12th 15

Dear Mother:-

Rec'd letters from you this week also one from Uncle Fred. I received your letter just as we were pulling out for field manoeuvres. We stayed out all night on bivouac and manoeuvred all the next day against 5 Brigade. We had bathing parade today and had a fine swim in the sea. We do not get to bathe so often now as we are about five miles from the sea.

I was down to Dad's barracks on Sunday. He is looking well. I am expecting to go on my long leave in a week or two. There is no news to tell as things go on the same old way week after week but yet the time seems to fly.

I am glad to hear that Billie Armstrong has been sent home. He is a lot luckier than some of the poor fellows who are convalescent and will have to go to the front again. I have spoken to fellows who have been six months at the front and have only been allowed six days leave.

We are having good weather here and this week has been hot. I sweat some I tell you when we have to run five or six hundred yards with the heavy marching gear on, climbing hedges and fences and jumping over ditches. We expect to go out for manoeuvres again tomorrow and that will mean two days away from camp.

I expect by the time you get this letter Granma will have gone back a long time. Did she seem to enjoy herself while she was down? I am sorry to hear that Frank did not pass his exams. Is he going to go back to school again? Be sure to tell us about everybody ans anybody.

Syd just tells me that he has received another letter from you but has left it down in his tent so I'll have to close this letter up as the regimental posty is waiting for it. Be sure and let me know of anyone else who is coming over and what bunch they belong to. What outfit do the Chalk boys belong to? When you hear of anyone going to Sewell always find out and make a note of what battalion or battery they belong to.

Best of love to all.