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Date: August 13th 1918

General Military Hospital
Colchester, Essex

Dear Mother,

I have just received two letters from you written June 24th and 25th and enclosing one from Bessie dated June 16th. She seems to be quite happy and independent. Talking of buying canoes etc. I quite sympathize with her as one certainly gets one's moneys worth out of something they own. As to the risk, well what's the use of any sport if there's no risk to it. If I had been allowed to take more risks when I was a kid I would be a happier man today. This war has shown me that the longer chances I take the more I enjoy it.

Sydney and Frank both got names at the battalion for taking long chances, that's how they got their decorations. When I went over on this raid I had a hunch that I was going to get a Blighty and it was just at the last minute that I got picked for the storming party where you get the best Blightys but less chance of getting away with them. If I have kids of my own I'll let them take all the risks they like. They might as well do it while they are young as growing into a bunch of ‘cold foots'. That's what's wrong with half of the guys like the Barker boys, they are afraid to take a chance ‘cause their momma told them they mustn't. If Hughie ever lands up at the 11th Reserve he stands good chances Sydney will lead him a life. Maude Barker is the only one of the bunch that's worth a tinker's curse.

Well dear I guess you will think this a queer letter but sitting around these hospitals makes me savage.

I have been at this one four days but expect to be at Epsom by the end of the week. Send all mail to Mrs. Row's place. This is my fourth hospital since I got wounded.