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Date: December 11th 1916

Dec 11th 16

Dear Mother:-

Have been looking for a letter from you for the last ten days but no luck so I thought I had better write tonight as you might be worrying.

Well I am carrying on the same old way and my arm is all healed up. It is pretty weak yet but they are going to start massage tomorrow to take the stiffness out of it.

Well another Xmas will have come and gone and we are still all well and fairly happy so we have much to be thankful for. I had a letter from Syd dated the 3rd. He is getting along O.K. and expects to get leave early in January but says Dad does not have much hope of getting his.

We are having very dull weather here just now and it was dusk at 4:30 today. One of the sisters died on Saturday and we had a funeral today.

Went to church last night and read myself to sleep after a pretty slow day Sunday. Had a letter from the Rows at Croydon asking me to spend Xmas with them which is out of the question as only troops from France are allowed to travel on account of the strain on the railways caused by the lack of men. I'm not worrying as I'm lucky to be in England let alone on leave. I would gladly give up my leave to let a man from the trenches have my seat on the train. I've got ten days leave to come when I am discharged from hospital.

Had another trip up to London since I was down to Croydon. I went to the Savoy Theatre. Saw all the stars from the leading houses who each did an act. Some Americans there gave us a great reception.

Well I guess you will have a pretty quiet Xmas but still you will be comfortable. I did not think of Xmas when I wrote my last letter as I did not realize how close it was. However I will be thinking of you all. Give my love to everyone and wish them etc etc from me.

Love to all,