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Date: January 11th 1917

Manitoba Regimental Depot
Shorncliffe Kent
Jan 11th 17

Dear Mother:-

Well I just got back from my six days furlough which I had given me to go and see Frank. I met him at Croydon at Prescott Row's house. I did not know that he had got the Military Medal till then. He was looking well and has grown into a pretty husky specimen and weighs about 160 lbs.

The next day he went up to London with the Thornberys who gave him a good day of it. On Sunday afternoon we went over to Forest Hill to see the Groses. As I told you before Mrs. Grose and Mrs. Thornbery are first cousins of Dad's on his mother's side. On Monday Frank and I went up to Wallasey which is like a suburb of Liverpool and just across the river. We got to the hospital in the evening and gave Syd a great surprise as he did not know I was coming up. The matron of the hospital gave us a great welcome and had supper set for us in the billiard room. We talked the heads off ourselves for a couple of hours and had a game of billiards. Frank and I left about 9:30 and went on to New Brighton and got a room at a hotel, where we had breakfast next morning. In the afternoon we went and had our pictures taken together. We went over to Liverpool for supper and spent the evening there.

On Wednesday we went to a picture show and spent the evening in town. Met a lot of American sailors. I had to leave at 11:30 at night so Frank saw me off. I arrived in London in the morning and went to the American YMCA hut for breakfast., had a sleep on the couch till daylight and then went for a walk. Saw the guard mount at Whitehall and took a walk through St. James Park and came out by Buckingham Palace. I then had another breakfast and a bath and shave and took the train at Victoria Station for Croydon. Spent the day with the Rows and left for camp on the 9 o'clock train that night. Another leave finished. Rec'd letters from Aunt Jessie, Bessie and Florence today. Bessie looks quite skittish in her photo.

Love to all,