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Date: January 18th 1916

Jan 18th 16

Dear Mother:-

Have received no parcel or letter from you this last week but received a very useful parcel from St. Matthew's, also a box of cigars from Fred.

We are having pretty decent weather now although we are off this afternoon because of rain.

Am sending you enclosed one of our regimental papers and a programme of a concert that I was at in town before Xmas.

Syd seems to be very well and happy. About his being homesick, it's quite natural and a lot of the boys sometimes have it. They call it the blues.

How is Frank feeling? Is he going to go back to school?

I received a card without any signature so I don't know who sent it. I also rec'd that card from Maud.

Well Mother things are just going on the same old way so there is nothing to talk about. So remember me to everyone. Syd got a parcel from Mrs. Stunt intended for me so you better thank her.


P.S. Enclosing address of card. Do you know the writing?