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Date: July 6th 1915

Dibgate Camp, Shorncliffe
July 6th 1915

Dear Mother:-

I had a letter from Granny Adams the other day. She seems anxious to see us. She used to live in Folkstone and says she knows this part of the country well. She said she has just had a letter from you. There is not much news to tell as things go on about the same week after week.

We are down to about three things we are concentrating on, shooting, bayonet work and trench digging. We did nothing but shoot last week. I am expecting to qualify for a marksman next week. I made big scores at the 400, 500 & 600 yards firing points. I made 18 out of a possible 20 at the 400 & 500 yard ranges on the rapid fire, highest score but one out of the company. We are not shooting at more than 600 yards as that is considered good enough for this war. They are going heavy on the rapid fire and snap shooting. The targets here are a lot harder to hit as they are not white. They are made to look like a man's head showing over an earthworks.

I guess we will be digging trenches all week. There is some satisfaction in the bayonet fighting now as they have sharpened our bayonets for us. We make a charge and stab four bags, two in trenches and two swinging. Each bag has a four inch cardboard disk on it to make it interesting as each disc counts a point. They do not teach us any fancy stunts. The main thing is to advance steadily and jump in and stab him in the tummy or neck. The bayonet exercise makes the arms strong, so does the trench digging.

We are getting all kinds of strawberries now as well as cherries as this is the season for them. This is the garden of England. You can tell Grandma that it is what they call over here a bit all right.

It was very clear here today. We could see the coast of France quite plainly at noon. To look at it you'd think it was only about an hour's drive.

Well I guess I'll have to close as there is not much more to tell. Be sure and mention me to everyone and give my love to Grandma.