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Date: July 8th 1918

Suffolk Hospital
Ampton Hall
Bury St. Edmund's
July 8th 18

Dear Mother,

Well dear I have been in Blighty just a week but I am liable to be moved to another hospital any day, so you had better continue to send my mail to "The Old House".

It is just two weeks since I got wounded and my wounds are almost healed so you can see they are not up to much. I was up yesterday and can walk fairly well with a stick.

I wrote to Sydney at Seaford but have had no letter from him yet, in fact I have heard from no one but Mrs. Row.

I am in a pretty good place here. It is a voluntary hospital on a private estate so there is good treatment and seems to be no lack of grub. The ward I am in is an indoor tennis court so there is all kinds of room. One of my chums is here in the same hospital but in a different ward. I was in to see him yesterday.

I am expecting to go to a smaller hospital and from there either Epsom or Buxton for convalescence so it's no use sending my mail here as it will never catch me up. I keep up a steady correspondence with Mrs. Row so you can always depend on my getting any letters two days after they reach her.

Well dear I wonder whether you will be at the coast by the time this letter reaches you. If you are give them all my love.

How is Philip coming out on his exams?

Have you heard from Dad lately?