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Date: July 30th 1918

Finborough Hall
July 30th 18

Dear Mother,

I have been in this place three weeks today so have had a longer stay than I expected.

I don't know when I am going out but I hope I go out with my chum Peterson who is able to walk around now. I have had a steady job hauling him around. We were lucky I chummed up with him when I was with the battalion as he was one of the few that I knew before. We volunteered for the raid together and got wounded and came down the line together. We got separated at Boulogne but I got put in the next cot to him on the hospital ship, so we have stuck together ever since. He knows both Sydney and Frank but thinks Frank is the best soldier of the three of us. Peterson did well the night of the raid and killed about twelve Germans, all shot. He did not use any grenades. So he is a pretty good man to be with in a mix-up. He and I had a bet on as to who would get the most wounds and he won. Just beat me by six.

My other chum Red McMurphy is still with the battalion. Have you got acquainted with his mother? She lives at St. James Place.

We are having a billiard tournament and it is my turn to play next so I shall have to hustle.

We are having first class weather but a lot of the hay around here got spoilt by the rain last week.

The house we are in used to be the squire's home but he gave it up for a hospital. It holds about 40 patients.

Well dear give my love to all.