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Date: June 6th 1915

Dibgate Camp
Shorncliffe England
Sunday June 6th 15

Dear Mother,

We have been here a week last night. We have had a pretty busy week but we get our Saturday afternoon off just the same as usual.

We went downtown yesterday afternoon but there was not much doing. I went to a picture show and saw Charlie Chaplin. The fellows gave a yell when they saw the sign up in front of the picture palace as they call them here. They haven't got as good picture houses here as Winnipeg has and the prices are about the same, 3 pence, 6 pence, and a shilling, in fact the price of most things are not much cheaper. Meals are steeper and you're lucky to get served at all. We couldn't get served last night at suppertime in Folkstone.

Shorncliffe and Folkstone are like one town. We are pretty close to Dover here, 5 shillings return.

Syd has just come in with your two letters of the 20th and 22nd. We are very glad to get them as they are the first we've had.

It is a lovely day today with just enough breeze. We are about two miles from the sea here.

You will see that I am writing under difficulties on the checker board.

Bob Buchan is at Ross Barracks orderly room. He is a sergeant now. We are expecting the 28th any time now. The 29th from Vancouver and the 31st from Calgary are here. The 28th will be next to us. The tents are pitched in a block with two rows of tents to a company with space between to march out in fours. At the end of each battalion's lines there is a cook shack for the battalion and a field kitchen for each company. The field kitchens are like a stove on two wheels. The stove has four large holes in the top. A pot fits into each hole. Each pot holds about 60 pints, enough for one platoon.

Love to all