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Date: June 15th 1918

June 15th 18

Dear Mother,

I thought I had better write you and stand a chance of getting it posted. I have a letter from you in my pocket dated May 5th so I think that is the last letter I received from you.

I saw Frank last night but he was just going on a run with a message but I expect I shall see him again tonight. Frank told me that Mr. Parrott and Mrs. Stunt had got married but I was not surprised as they used to be pretty chummy. Frank got the news from Ron Lowe. I did not know Mr. Pearson was dead until Danny McPhail told me.

In your letter you mention about eating rye bread. Well we are better off than you in one way because nobody can ask us to ration ourselves. They just skip one day a week. On Friday we get no jam, butter or cheese. We call it starvation day. I think we are better off since this food restriction as the stuff is cooked a lot better than it used to be. The fighting men are getting the same rations as they always have. The men on the lines of communication are only supposed to get ¾ as much as the men up the line. Anyhow you don't need to worry about us.

Frank got a parcel from Fred the other day. He gave me a little packet of sugar so I shall be able to make some more tea when I go in the line.

Bessie must have had a good time when she was going to the coast.

I saw one of your letters that you enclosed from Mrs. Gowdie. What is Bob Gowdie doing? It's a wonder they haven't grabbed him for the army. How many of Mrs. Hunter's boys joined up or are they all married now? When does Hughie Barker have to go up for examination? Every time I mention about the Barker boys to Sydney he starts raving. I pity Hughie if he ever runs against him, he will lead him the life of a nigger's yellow dog.

I see they are turning the draftees out with nine weeks training now. They were certainly rushing them through when I left Blighty.

Well we are still having the best of weather and I hope it stays fine. I am feeling fit as a fiddle and everybody else seems to be the same.

Well dear give my love to all and take a little yourself.


P.S. I have never seen Evert yet. I went around last time we were out but I did not bother today.
J.R. (I go have sleep)