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Date: January 26th 1943

#Wireless School
Guelph. Ont.
4.C.2. Gould. A.N.

Jan. 26. 1943

Dear Mother;

We finnally arrived here at Guelph & find it a very interesting station so far. We had a little bit of trouble getting here. It's a long story? -

You remember me saying we hadn't had any sleep for 36 hrs. Johnny & I both got in about 2 oclock on Sat. morning. We were supposed to be on parade at 6 o'clock packed & reddy to leave. Well we laid down on our bunks with our clothes on & didn't wake up untill 7 o'clock when the N.C.O. in charge of the draft woke us. They were very mad, but they gave me a ticket & told Johnny to get his from the Corporal in charge of the draft, when we got to Union Station as the train was still down there.

We arrived at the Union Station & found that the train was gone (It wasn't though). The next train was at 1.10 so we went up town & saw that picture Stand by for Action. It was very good.

At 12 o'clock we went over to the R.C.A.F. Service centre & after a lot of talking Johnny got a ticket for Guelph. We arrived at 3.00 o'clock & never got any trouble atall. Lucky wern't we. This is one of the best schools in Canada. It was a huge college at one time. We bunk in separate rooms 4 or 8 to a room. The rooms are swell. They have clothe closets & writing desks & everything. It's so nice to have a room practically to yourself again. The showers & washrooms are right across the hall.

There are about - buildings spread around the campus which is - acres square. The food is wonderfull though it is not served very officiently as at the Depo. The disapline is very strict. Only one 2 o'clock pass & a 36 hr. pass every two weeks if your good enough on your wireless.

We haven't saw the town much yet as we are C.B. for the first week. They had a dance in the Mess Hall Sat. night & I had a wonderfull time. They are lots of nice girls up here & about - [?] on the station. I studied morse for for 4 hrs. on Sunday & am getting it down pretty well. One of the boys has a morse key & I have lots of fun looking around with it. We have 2 or 3 morse periods a day & I only made one mistake today. That is only a start, we have 7 months of this Wireless, Radio theory, Drill, Gym & Visual. Everyboody eats & sleeps & talks about wireless around here. They say the morse just about drives you nuts. They all say it's a terribly hard course but I mean to pass it.

We have a swimming pool here, which is very nice. I think it is wonderfull up here, but I have been told I will find out different.

How is everyone at home. I hope you are all well. I am first dying to get home already. Excuse the hand writing as I am trying to write fast, as it's good practice. I hope to be home in a couple of weeks.

Well that's all for now it's 8.30 & I think I'll go to bed. Lot so love

Your loving son