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Date: May 14th 1943

163068. L.A.C. Gould AN.
#4 Wireless School
Guelph Ont.

Fri May 14 1943

Dear Mother:

Just a short note to let you know I wont be down this week end. We were supposed to be on duty flight this week but most of our flight is on compulsory, so we were lifted off, because we couldn't show up at night.

We have a pass this week end but I think I will spend it in Guelph or Kitchener.

I got a good mark in morse this week, which pleases me, because most of our flight done bad, and I got myself off compulsory. My biggest trouble with morse seems to be fast speeds. I have trouble copying it because my poor handwriting.

My mistakes this week were caused by faulty hand writing I heard a (a) & put a 4 because I haven't enough control of my hand. I am improving all the time though. I can write 22 words a min. fairly ledgeible now, & by the time I reach 20 weeks I should overcome it.

Another class graduated this afternoon. They put on a big show for them. There parents were given grandstand seats out in front, & the whole station was out, & we put on quite a show of drill. The C/O of the station was leaving us this week end & we gave him a rousing send off & welcomed our new C/O.

They had about 20 planes from Birch stunting & putting on a farewell salute for him.

Well I say good bye for now, I will be down in a couple of weeks. Here is $200 & thanks a lot for the loan.

Yours Sincerely


P.S. Wrote at about 20 W.P.M.