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Date: April 29th 1944

29 april

Dear Mom. I received your letter today. Boy was I glad to get it. Its the first one since I have been over here. I can't understand why my letter took so long. I mailed it the same day as Johnny did. Johnny & Wally & all our gang but 2 of us have been posted to O.T.U. & are leaving in a few days I tried hard to get on the draft but the best I ould get was stand-bye. It is rather a tough break for me. I knew it would happen sooner or later though.

Mom there are a few things I want you to send over for me, so take the money from my savings & buy

1. 2 dozen of these airmail forms like I am writing on now.
2 3 pads of writing paper.
3. 1 dozen of handkerchiefs.
4. 3 prs of brycream if you can by it.
5. 6 pairs of summer shorts.
6. 2 Silver grey shifts. 14 ½ inch.

These are things I need badly & cant buy over here. I also need my swimming trunks. I dont know how many of my letters have reached you by now, but I have wrote quite a number of them. You letter took 13 days. Thats not bad How come you had to put all those stamps on it. It sure makes a fellow feel good to get a letter from Can. especially from his mother. We had a whole day & night off sastuday & we went into town & had a good time. We stayed at a boarding house & had bacon & eggs for breakfast. We went horseback riding, the whole gang of us. We had a smashing time. I woke up this morning with pains all over my body. The weather is improving & so is my cold. We are playing at sports quite a bit now & it is doing me good. I ran a mile around the track the other day. Tell dad I'll take him out & beat him at a mile now. Ask him what is a good time, on the mile track.

I hope Marg has received some of my mail now. I have written about 12 or 13 to date since I have been here I can't tell you where I was stationed first but you will know soon. It really was quite a spot. Just the opposite from this place. Tell dad to say hello to my friends at De Havilland. Tell him to give my address to Olie. I would write her but I don't know her address. I sure would appreciate a letter from her. I shall write Auntie Glady's it I don't get down to see her soon. I must write to Granmother & to some of the rest in Flordia. You can buy forms like this & send them just as fast for 10 cents. 10 cents sounds funny now. I think of money in terms of pounds & bobs. I don't like the girls over here. They are not a patch on our Canadian girls Well thats all for now. More tomorrow & Mon. Say hello to Dad & the family for me. Hoping to hear from you soon - Loving Son Norm.