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Date: July 2nd 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

July 2nd 1944

RCAF Overseas

Dear Winnie Earl & David

Hi you all how are you all doing just fine I hope. I have run out of blue forms for they only ration me six a month over here so I will have to write this strait mail I can say a little more in this kind of letter anyway.

Well we had a day off yesterday s two more of the crew and I hitch hiked to Cambridge we did it in two hours so it wasn't too bad. Just imagine I had a steak yesterday in Cambridge it was kind of small but boy it was good. I like Cambridge because they have a café there that serves Good meals. The time before that I was there I had chicken. It rained though while I was in there yesterday. By the way I got your first cartoon of cigarettes that you sent me and thanks a million for them. I intended on keeping the numbers off of them that you asked me for but I am afraid that I have lost the card.

We lost our first pilot that we had, he couldn't land four engine air craft so they took him away from us. Now we have a Scotchman for a pilot, he seems to be a good sort of a fellow. We have only flown two days with him and he seems to be doing OK. With our first pilot we made some horrible landings it's a wonder the wheels stood up under the strain.

How is David getting along I suppose he is quite a little man by now. From what I hear Leila isn't much better the poor girl. It must be terrible for Lil & Lorne

I got a letter from Cowards yesterday and boy the letter made my mouth water. They said that they had some nice fresh picked strawberries ready for supper. It was just a little over three years ago that I got sick on black cherries down there.

Well in another two months I should have my flight it takes quite a while for them to bring it out on orders but I am due for it in two months. It means a little more pay if nothing else. And I can always a little more of that.

When a fellow goes on leave around here there only about two things that you can do and that is eat fish and chips and see shows.

Earl Wiltsie was down to see me the other day, he was on nine day leave so he came down to see me. He is a flight sergeant now and expects his commission in a month or so.

He certainly has some great yearns to tell. His pilot got a medal for going in over a target on three engines. Ahem by the way I am wearing a medal now. It is a green red and blue medal with a maple leaf in the centre. Well I won't hold you in suspense any longer it is just a Canadian medal for coming overseas. All Canadians get it after serving 18 months and two months over here.

Know what Bob Coward says the crops are going to be pretty good out in the west, what do they look like to you.

Well there isn't much more that I can think of to say so I guess I will have to close for now hoping this finds you all well and happy.

Cherio with Love