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Date: July 28th 1941
Gordon Joshua Dennison

July 28th 1941
St Thomas Ont.

Dear Folks.

Well here it is the beginning of another week and just after an eventfull 48 hr. pass. I went to Toronto last Friday with another airman from here. We left here at 5 oclock and got in to Toronto at 10.30. It is only a 130 miles to Toronto but the car boiled and had to fill it up at every filling station and the distributor cap cracked and it began to misss then to top it all off I got my finger caught in the car door and really bruised them. It was right beside a house and they put my finger in Vinegar did you ever hear of that before but usually when you hurt your finger nails they throb for hours after but these didn't weather it was putting them in vinegar that did it or not I don't know I guess I will lose both of my fingernails for they sure are black.

Well Auntie and I went to see Casa Loma on Saturday it sure is some place boy oh boy. It took a lot of walking to see it all. They are holding dances in it now. A person could by the whole thing for 125 thousand, just the back taxes.

Then on Sunday we went through the Museum and it also took a lot of walking but it was worth it. Auntie and I went up to Elmers for supper Saturday evening. Elmer is making these airplanes he sure makes some nice ones. I took a role of film while I was there but haven't got them developed yet.

I left on the 11.15 bus for St Thomas Sunday night but didn't get To St Thomas until 4 o clock in the morning. My pass was just until 2.30 in the morning. Nothing has been said yet but I was an hour and a half late, I think I got away with it.

When I said I had two weeks of school and one week fooling around I meant that I spent a week of parades such as dental clothing and other parades.

Boy has it been hot this last week but to-day we got a down pour which sure cooled things off. Boy the heat sure is damp and hot down here, we had a half day of P.T. to-day and I never sweat so much in my life.

Well how are the two young ones getting along?

This letter is a little longer but there still isn't much news. I met that fellow that Mrs. Dennison told you about he slept on the floor above me.

There is an entry of Electricians come in here every month and an entry is due next Friday so if Don doesn't come next Friday he won't be here for another month.

Well I hope this finds you all well

With Oceans of Love

Your Son