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Date: April 24th 1917

April 24th - 17

Dear Father:

I posted a letter to you a few days ago, but I had carried it for quite a few days. It was written in a German Dug out. Another fellow and myself slept in the same dug out on a German officers bed. There were white sheets and pillowslips Talk about luxury. I didnt trouble to collect many souvenirs. A whole skin is quite a good enough one for me.

However I have a German Field P.C. also a German Field letter card. I will find out if I will be allowed to send them through the mail, and if so, I will mail them to you. They always arrive in good condition with but one exception, and everything in it was OK. There is a great deal of talk about the U.S. I believe they are really in now, but I dont think they will be in time to give us much help, and I dont know that we need it any way.

Havent time to drop a line to Doris. Though I would have liked to write to you all. I have to write to ‘Johnnie" today too

Well bye bye

Your Loving Son