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[Beginning of letter missing]

splendid enterprise which might have culminated in a colossal rectory has been marred of its full effect by the rum or the beer served out to our soldiers as rations beer which has stupefied the, spirits which have fuddled the aim of their rifles. Rot! Double Rot. However he only says he believe that, but he goes further and states The splendid valour of our overseas troops, has been discounted quite 50 per cent by their free indulgence in distilled spirits or brandied wines, where does he get his information from? What right he to make such a statement? It is an insult of the greatest and vilest kind to those that are protecting him and his. Further it is an absolute falsehood.

What he says about the Canteens at Havre is more or less true, but he forgets that the penalty of being drunk on active service is very severe, and punishments for this offence are very very seldom necessary.

Does he think that we are swimming in it? Why do they let such "reptiles" live? What sacrifices is he making in the war? If he has any sons at the front am sure that they must be very "pleased" and "proud" of such a father. What a comfort it is to know that we have such open minded conscientious men at home looking after our welfare!

I must close now as I am too disgusted to write more. Will write again soon.

Your Loving Son