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Date: April 16th 1916

Shorncliffe Eng.
Apr 16th, 1916

Dear Father,

Received your p.c. and letter and am taking the opportunity now to answer them also to thank you for the books. They are just what I wanted. I shall repay you for them as I couldn't think of letting you stand the expense. Have seen an aeroplane here several times. I am almost sure it is the same one anyways. Am applying for leave fore six days to start next Thursday morning, as than I shall be able to meet you at London. I believe the train from here arrive at the Charing Cross Station. I will write you in a couple of days anyways, or telegraph you if necessary. I shall not know for a couple of days if I can get my pass. I believe the authorities will pay my fare I am applying to go to Malvern and if I get my pass too late to let you know by letter, I will wire you. You can write and let me know what time you will be arriving in London anyways, and I can let you know by wire if I can't come so that you won't have to come to London for nothing.

I had a letter from Sissy written just after we left. Mother hadn't to back from Vancouver then. I haven't heard from Canada since, though I am expecting several letters but I suppose the mails come very irregular now. I have lots to talk to you about when I see you, about the life here etc. but it would take a lot of time to give you much of an idea on paper. My motor-cycle arrived in good condition but I don't know how I am going to manage to run it as gas is so expensive. I am going to try very hard to get in the aviation or M-C corps, prefably the latter. I haven't got a license either, but I think there would be nothing said about riding it here. However, if I can manage the Dispatch Riders corps these little things won't worry me very much. Will be expecting a letter from you in a couple of days. Well ‘till I see you I will say Good-bye.

Your Loving Son