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Date: August 7th 1916

Epsom Surrey
Aug 7th 1916

Dear Father,

Just a few lines to let you know your letter with M-C papers and Ten shillings arrived today for which many thanks. I wrote to mother and told her to be sure and take it out of what she has of mine. There is talk of them cutting our pay down to 55 a week, but I think I will most likely be away from here in about ten days time of course I can't say for sure. I don't need much money here, but the ten shillings hardly manages for the week, and I always like a little pocket money, as there is always little things one sees that he needs or covets so thanks for sending the 10s note. If ever I write and ask for any amount however small don't send it ‘till you can easily spare it.

It really doesn't matter about the m-c key as I can write for another when I am ready to go from here. I bought one from the London [?] people before for 4 [?] all the keys for the '13 and '14 models are all the same so you see it is only a very small calamity.

I will find out all about the Petrol Regulation at the Post Office the next time I go down town and I think I can get enough for a trip to Ocle anyway. I don't want to get any from the Ballads unless they have quite a supply as I know they have quite a job getting even the smallest quantity. Of course they may have a supply in case of emergencies.

I stopped doing physical "jerks" today, and am an orderly at the headquarters orderly room. There are six of us working in threes, and I only have to work an afternoon and next morning, and then we get the next afternoon and morning off and also we are able to get week end passes fairly easily if we need one. (This job may keep me here an extra week or two). So long for a few days, George.