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Date: December 9th 1915

Hastings Park 62nd Battallion C Company

Vancouver BC, Dec 9th 1915

Dear Father,

Just a few lines to-day to let you know I am getting along reasonably. You needn't bother to answer this letter, as we are very likely to be away before another months time. Mother will be sure to write and let you know when we leave. I will try and get away to see you some time when I am in England but I suppose they will be very strict with their leave there, and perhaps I won't be able to make it anyway this is figuring a long time ahead, and I can always write you when I am over there, and you would get my letter in a few hours time. I am going home for New Year.

Half of the Battalion gets leave for Christmas, and the other half for New Year. I am taking mine New year. I have to get about 36 hours more leave than the general Christmas leave, but I don't think I will have any trouble getting it. I passed out of the Recruits yesterday, so am in the Company now. I write so many letters that I can never remember just when I wrote any particular one, but I think I told you all about my hunt when I was home about a month ago. I guess I will have an opportunity to tell you anyways in England. Also about the hunt I had on my holidays last September. I suppose they sent you some of the photos I took out of three films (18) I got 17 pictures. About 10 of them perfect. We were up at DeBeaux's . Went up one day hunted two days and came down the next day. The first day we saw two bear and three deer, and shot them all. Keith Roseborough shot two of the deer and I shot the other. Bob Woods shot one bear, and Alex and I shot the other. The next day Alex and I saw four bear and shot two, and wounded another, and missed a fourth, but it was in very heavy [?], and though we certainly shot some, Mr. Bear got away. Some people say a bear can't run fast, but from the start that one got I guess he is going yet. I shot the head off a blue grouse with the 30-30. I bet it weighed 5 lbs. We fried it, and it filled two frying pans. Good sized ones too. Well I won't tire you with any more of this shooting chatter. I don't think there is very much more new to-day. I am on Fatigue to-day in the Canteen. Our company won't be on till Thursday again, and I suppose I will miss it then, as nobody goes on twice very often. Just wrote a long letter home this morning. When you write to Doris you can tell her I will try and find time to drop her a line or two in a few days. Please excuse the writing but my pencil is very short.

Your Loving Son