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Date: June 9th 1916

June 9th 1916

Dear Father,

Have only time for a very few lines to-day. Will you send this on to mother as I can't get any PC's of any kind just at present. I had a letter from her a couple of days ago and will write to her myself just as soon as possible.

The envelopes you send are very handy, so it helps quite a bit if you enclose a couple now and again as you have been doing. We have had very favourable reports about the naval battle and hope that they are true! I wouldn't trouble about that [?], as we have every ounce we can possibly carry and then some. Had a letter from Doris and will answer just as soon as possible. Did you mail my cane to "Johnny" yet?

Hope you have no trouble with the motor cycle. I am afraid it has been quite a white elephant so far but am sure I will get quite a bit of use out of it yet. Don't forget to get that saddle fixed if you happen to be in London, but please don't make a special trip up there for that purpose. Had a letter from Geo Blackman in Vanc. He is joining the army I think but he doesn't know for sure yet. The scout officer in this Battn is a fellow I knew very well in Chiliwack but I have only seen him at a distance so far. Well so long for a few days. Will get off another line just as soon as possible.

Your loving son,