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Date: June 26th 1944

June. 26

Dear Mother.

Well by the time you receive this I guess you will have started you holidays at Port Dalhousie. I hope you have a good time. Is my mail going through O.K. now. As I told you before we are on night flying now & getting on towards the end of our training. We have it pretty soft on this shift in the day time. Not much to do but sleep most of the day. It is very tiresome though on the night flying & very dull as you can't go out & enjoy yourself at night. We are looking forward to a fortnights leave in 2 ½ weeks I only hope that money I asked you for arrives on time, because it really cost dough for leave over here & they don't pay you or give you subsistence allowance from this station. I told you I believe that my flight was due 6 days ago & I will will get back pay as of the [?] when it comes through. It sometimes takes 3 or 4 months for it to come through but you get back pay for it. I will send the money back then to keep my bank book up. I want to save money but I just have to have it for this leave so I can go to London & you can't go to London on 6 £ for even a week. According to reports it is the most expensive city anywhere to stay.

Johnny met his cousin from Darby the other day. He is in the navy & about the same age as Jack. He has saw him for 8 years so it was quite a surprise for him.

I have been meaning to write you a straight mail letter or two but they take so long you might think I have forgotten my home & I haven't by along shot & never will. The news is very good in France & it looks like a finish pretty soon. Wish I could get finished & get in there & do my share. I have had quite a bit of mail from Marg & I am writing faithfully. I hope everybody at home is in good health & having a good time. I know dad is in good shape without even asking. I had a letter from Olie & she tells me whats new at De Hav & says all the [?] send their reguards. I am in good health now. Still a slight cold but I am taking those pills regualar. The weather is still the same. Don't believe we are going to have any warm weather over here this year. Well thats all for now. Load of love best wishes to Mom & Dad & Family - Norm