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Date: July 30th 1944

July .30.

Dear Sister

Received your airmail letter last night. I received one from you a few weeks ago. I am sorry I am so slow at answering them but since Johnnys death I havn't felt much like writing. You know how I felt about Johnny & his death hit me pretty hard. I want to thank you for writing & also its good you I had such a pleasant holiday. If it hadn't been for you taking that letter to Mom I never would have had such a pleasant time without that dough. We went to London for 4 days, after the funeral, which was held on the 19 of July. London is a wonderfull city except for the Doodlebugs & we saw quite a few of them.

I went to see Auntie Gladis but she had gone to the country. I went to a dance on the outskirts of London & from there I was invited to a house party by a very pretty girl. I had more fun. They had a record player & we had a regular jam session. It was to late to get back into London so her folks invited me to stay there for a few days which I did It was really nice & I plan on going back maybee. We went from there to Edinborough for 7 days. It is a beautiful city, & very old fashion & ancient with real castles ect. I wish you could have been there to see it. The radio is giving out with Darseys recording of 1 oclock jump. & is it ever solid. I sure want to thank you for teaching me to Jive. It sure comes in handy even over here .I a glad you had a nice holiday. That must have been a smashing trip. Hope Bill has got his car going now Tell him the old Ford 4 is the best car ever made. I was just showing your picture to my gunner Loyde Gallant. He says your a cute bit of stuff. I'll send a picture of our crew to Mom soon. The're a good bunch of boys. We're through training practically now, so we should be having some fun soon. I should be home for Christmas the way the war is going now. That is if they don't past us out to the far East to fight the Japs. How goes everything at De Havilland. They sent me some cigarettes which are very welcome over here. Have you ever seen Olie around up there. You know the girl I used to know. She has wrote me a few letters They tell me the weather has been real warm over there Well we have only saw the sun about 4 or 5 time since we hit this island. If its not raining it look like it will or its cold & damp What a country. It has its good points though & you can have a good time over here. Did you see "The Girls he Left Behind Its really a swell picture. Every letter I get they all say Give my regards to Johnny. Wish I could. Well I am running out of paper so I guess I'll say goodbye for now Dear sister. Keep on turning out those Mosquitos & have a good time. Ill see you soon. Your Loving Brother Norm