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Convalescent Camp
Havre France

Dear Father,

I left the hospital a few days ago and came into the camp for a few days. I expect to go to our base here in a day or two, and from there to the front with the first draft that leaves. This is quite a nice camp, and we get treated fairly well. I would far sooner be in here than in the hospital that I just left. We get good meals, and have a short march (with nothing to pack) every day.

I have a young English friend here. We each got a pass for the afternoon and evening last Wednesday and went down town. Went to a "moving picture" show and saw "Charlie Chaplin". I bought a razor in Havre for seven franks, just five shillings, which I think is fairly cheap. I was going to write, and ask you to send me one, but the one I had was absolutely no use. The one I bought is the smallest one I think I ever saw. The blade isn't more than half an inch wide. It is made in France. I also bought a hone. It is a carborundum stone. I was rather surprised to see one in France. I forgot to tell you that the new razor is a beauty. I never saw a barber with a sharper one. I will try and write to Doris in a day or two as I havn't written for five or six days. You can drop her a line if you wish, when you receive this, but will write again to you and her in a day or two anyway.

I am quite well and the little wounds are just about quite healed.

I never heard if you received the letter with the £'s in it or not. Be sure and tell me, I had only received one or two letters from you when I had been wounded, and I suppose it will be weeks if not months before the others arrive, if they ever do. Well father, bye bye for a few days. Your affectionate son,


Did you ever manage to get that book I asked you about once before?