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Date: November 5th 1916

Nov 5th

Dear Father

Just a few lines to-day to thank you for the fine parcel which arrived to-day. Everything is very useful. The last parcel you sent arrived after I was wounded, and was divided up amongst the platoon. I suppose the needed it more than I did, and I was at Havre and had a little cash to buy comforts.

I have some photos out of the Daily Colonist that I found un a "dug out." I will make them up into a parcel and get them censored and mail them to you in a day or two.

Some of them are of the old Anderson saw mill, and I am sure will interest you. I am enclosing clipping from the Daily mail, French Edition. The man in the front on the extreme right is Edwin Davey, at least I am quite sure it is, and he belongs to a pioneer Battn. You can send it home, and mother can give it to Mrs Davey, if she hasnt received one already.

Well I must close for the present as I want to get a few lines off to mother.

Thank you again for the parcel, also the tobacco, which is about the only English blend I care for . Hope you are getting along fine, and are quite well, I am

Your Loving Son