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Dear Father

I only have time for a very few lines to-day. I got back from leave Tuesday night. I only had six days. I was very disappointed I had a very nice time. I went to Calwell and saw the m-c but didn't take it out. Also had a swim there. I had a nice time at Ocle. They cut a wheat field but it took two days so most of the rabbits got out during the night. However I shot 2 hares and rabbits. I shot three times to get one of the rabbits, and two to get one of the others, and shot the rest the first shot. Also shot a pigeon, and we got out the "trap" and shot some clay pigeons on the lawn. Thanks for your letter with 2 pounds enclosed, but I am returning it to you as I had quite a bit coming, and I drew 10 pounds, so you see I had more than sufficient. I have quite a bit left yet. I didnt get the 10's letter yet but expect it in a day or two.

There is a draft leaving for France in a day or two and I am going with it. Will drop you a card when I am leaving. It may be a week yet though.

I left your watch at Ivy house. I have a little wrist watch that will do me alright ‘till I came back. Just received a package of letters from London, and I had another when I came back from leave. There were several letters from home. Well bye bye for a few days

Your Loving Son

I saw Geo Roff at Epsom. He has a bullet wound too, but I dont think it is very serious.