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Date: 1944

Dear Mother

How is everything at home. Hello dad. That was a very nice write up about you in the .Mosquito. I was quite proud & have showed it to all my friends. I am writing this straight mail as I have some pictures taken at A.F.U. They are rather small but I think that are pretty good. I guess you are wondering what the matter with me for not writing much lately. I am sorry. I should be ashamed of myself as I owe letters to every body I know & I have had bags of time as we haven't flown since they night of Johnnys death. When we came back off leave we were put in a holding unit were we stayed for 16 days. All my friends were posted & we were left therre waiting for one of our gunners who was in the hospital. Were on a new station now but it is still a holding unit & we will not start to fly till our gunner get back & then we will be posted again so that means my mail & parcels will be quite a which catching up with us. It is a shame to because I am waiting for the cigarettes you sent. We look forward to the cigarettes very much over here. I cant seem to get enough cigarettes over here. They are a big lift & thats about all we live for over here. I'd like to know when all these cigarettes that the Overseas Cigarettes fund is supposed to send over here

Did you get the letter I wrote Mrs. Jones. I wan't quite sure of her address so I sent it in care of you. Glad to hear you had a nice holiday. Jonesy & I spent a night in the Fox Head Hotel & I know it really is a smart hotel.

We should be on course in a few days. This is the last stage before O.P's & it's a very short training & mostly operational flying. When we get through it 50% of the danger is over. Its hard to realize how many guys got it on training. Glarin was saying something about a request for a piece for Larry Johnstone. He was killed at O.T.U. 8 weeks ago so I heard.

We were told to come on a Canadian Comfort parade the other day. We all thought it was something big & after lining up for a ½ hour we were given one package of 2 a cigarettes. That is the first I have saw of them over here. The food on these last two station has been terrible. I can't see how they expect flying crew to keep in good condition on that rotten grub. I hate to ask you but could you put some canned meat or sardines or that stuff in the parcel. It is quite a treat because this food is not the least bit edible & we can get bread & butter & hot water & you can make up a enjoyable feast with it.

We get a 36 hr. pass a week on these stations & the last two I have spent in Leeds. We had a lovely time up there & are going back again first chance we get. The people are nice & there is lots to do. There are 3 dances in town & all of them good places. There is a park as big as High Park. It's really a beautiful spot. There are two small lakes in which we went rowing & swimming in the open air pool. They have a concert in the park Sun night & cricket matches. There is a lovely golf club there two & the Shipper & I am going to play a round of golf the next time we go up.

We don't do much but lay on our back all day & read, with the odd lecture here & there. This station is quite away from a town so we don't do anything much at night here but go down to the local pub for a few or to the station flickers. I received a letter from Fred & Gloria & Ella I will get cracking & answer them pronto. Gloria & Ella have written quite a few & its really swell. Oh Dots wrote to & I'll try to answer a fast a possible. I have so many people writing me now it is a full time job to answer them all Marg. writes steadily. She is a swell girl don't you think. I get the odd one from Eve & two or three very spiritual letters from Olie.

Well we are having nice weather over here now mother. Its not real hot but just nice. It seems like they have all their summer in the month of August over here.

We are pretty excited about the war news over here. We are wondering what they will do with us. We hope they send us home but who knows. We wont get any more leave till we start our now. I just heard how much they are going to give us when we are discharged. They say we get $450.00 rehabilation. $100 for clothes. I am going to spend $200 & get a real good outfit. $7.50 a month for all the months spent in Canada & $15.00 a month for all the time over here I figure we will be here at least 10 months or a year so that will mean a nice bank account along with $300 saved in my banking.

Well I guess you are all looking forward to a sudden ending of this war. Its pretty hard to say right now but I think it will last awhile yet. They are really pounding them though. You should see the thousands of bombers pouring over here night & day. It must be really grim to be a German soldier nowdays. We only had one trip which took us to enemy territory on our training. We were fired on by enemy fighters & it gave us a bit of a scare.

Well I shou close for now. I will write airmail in a few days & it will beat this over. Tell the family I am going to write them soon.

All my Love to You & Dad all & the Gould Family. Norm.