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Date: 1944

Sgt Gould A.N.
R.C.A.F. Overseas

Dear Mother

Just a short note to let you know I am O.K. I thought I would write a straight mail letter for a change. I haven't had any mail for a while of late. I have been posted to another station for further training. We will be here for 10 days & then we go to a squadron. It wont be long now till we start the work we have been training for so long.

We should get 3 days leave in 6 days time as the skippers brother has been just in Normandy & he is getting leave to go & see him. We will get 7 days leave in 2 weeks to as things are looking up.

I am getting in a bit of exercise here. Playing a bit of rugby ect. Did Gloria & Dot get my letters. I am trying hard to answer all the letters as fast as I can.

Well today is Sun now. I didn't get time to answer all/finish this letter to you yesterday. I received 10 letters yesterday. 5 from Marg. & 4 from you & one from Ella & two more today from Eve. I guess I'll have to get cracking & answer them. It was the first Ive had in 2 weeks & it sure was nice to get them. Well I am really fed up today. It turned real cold last night & we froze all night & today it has been really terrible. Cold & raining. Can't get warm any where because they don't allow fires till sometime in Oct. I'm glad we are only here on this station for a short few days. Talk about walking. It is as far to our mess to eat as it is from our house to Sinclair Ave. When you get there you line up to eat & wait for a place to sit & to get a mug to get some tea. This is the worst set up we have had yet & I've seen some pretty bad.

Well I guess I'd better stop binding. We are getting 2 or 3 days leave in 3 days time. I will be going to Sheffield I think I am just finishing up your parcel tonight. We had another feast tonight. It sure is nice to enjoy some good food. Mother will you take some of my money & buy me a pair of pyjamas. It is cold in this tin hut at night & think if I wore pyjamas I cold keep warm at night. The winter is going to be tough as you only have on little stove to keep 20 men warm & you can't get enough coal anyhow. Well enough of my binding. How is everybody at home. All fine & healthy I hope Have you been reading the news of late. You know the airbourne envasion of Holland. We had a finger in that pie & I saw a bit of it from the air. I can't concentrate on writing tonight. We are having a big argument about everything. Did Marg come up & see you. She said she was going to go up & see you in her last letter. I will be going down to see Aunty Gladys in a week or so for sure. I will write Auntie Winnie in Flordia some time within the next 5 days for sure & also Grandmother to.

This work we are taking here is very interesting & all new stuff to us. We have to really know our job thoughly as crew before we start our operations & they are really giving us the gen.

We will get 7 days in 2 weeks time & I am going to London for that. Your letters were respectively Sept. 2 - 8 - 12 airmail & very nice indeed. It don't matter what kind of cigarettes you send as long as their cigarettes. I like sweet caps & buckingham though.

I am going to end this short for today & write airmail tomorrow Everybody says they haven't had any mail from me for 3 weeks or so. It must have been held up for awhile or something. Glad to hear everyone is fine at home. Give my love to all. Im still hoping to be home soon but I don't know & I can't tell you anyhow.

Keep smiling Mother I miss you

Your Loving Son Norm