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Date: June 29th 1918
Lorene (Sister)
Charles Willoughby


June 29/1918

Dear Lorene:

Today may be a holiday for you from writing exams but I suppose you will be studying just the same for the one to come on Monday. - I hope the weather is as cool as it is over here. otherwise there is not much satisfaction in trying to do much. - However I know things are going alright with your exams.

Since writing a few days ago I have had a letter from Mother dated May 21st & another from you on June 2nd. There seemed to be a regular bombardment of three weeks Canadian and American mails all at the same time - last week-end. Still there never can be any danger of them coming too fast.

I am now up at the "advanced Dressing station" of the ambulance. where I have been now for several days. Things are exceptionally quiet so we are finding a hard job putting in the time A good share of it goes towards sleeping. This will be a very interesting part of the work I know. The other men are all young and bright which is a great difference to the older men I have found in my different appointments during the past year. With a young bunch you can always find more or less fun on even the quietest days.

you see an ambulance consists of three or fore different stations (1) the transport lines. (2) the main dressing-station (3) the advanced dressing-station (4) the Division collecting post. - The different ambulances take turns at staying back at the main Dressing station. At present we are ‘in the line' ambulance. Of course ‘in the line' is only a term and means we are doing the advanced ambulance work - not actually in the line but rather from one to three miles behind. So dont start and think we are holding any front line trenches. nothing of the kind.

The different officers in the ambulance work more or less in pairs at the different posts in the ambulance - Last week I was back at the transport lines. This week I am at the ‘ADS' and next week my turn should come for the Divisional collecting post (D.C.P.) - at all times remember we are quite well back but still far enough up to know there is a war on mostly by the distant noises. It is a young mans job. and I like it more because of that.

Isn't it grand news about Syd Hostwill We do not always get a paper up here but one wondered around a few days ago and I say Syd had been listed among the ‘prisoners of war' That certainly is much better than missing. of course I do not envy his position but still I think they show special favours to the flying services. They do here at the front. So I suppose they do back in Germany. The only sports in the German army are the airmen and they respect our aviation as being sportsmen too.

Am sorry to hear about Gordon Eaton. But the poor kid was certainly up against it. so is really better off than he ever could be had he lived.

Seeing my last draft for £ 40 arrived home safely I wrote Holts yesterday to repeat the dose. So you can expect a similar amount any day.

From the clipping Mr. Simkins seems to be getting along better seeing he can move to Lawrence park. I am glad to hear it

your letter was most interesting and contains all the doings around the corner for months back. I can stand that kind quite often.

The mail has just come in and has a card from Syd with his picture in the prisoners of war camp. - He looks pretty well and has a bandage on his head. There is also a letter from Maryon and Another from Mrs Frost so I fared rather well this time. Mrs Frosts letter is dated June 10th Maryon is June 4th so there should be some more from Maryon and you people probably tomorrow - It is now nearing tea time so I will finish this immediately and read my mail after-wards.

I am glad to know you are fully decided on the trip to Chippewa. Maryon is certainly coming across our way so you two should have a good summer of it. You have a good programme for the summer with Mussons for a month as well as your trip with Maryon. Of course you will be able to drive the car by then I hope. No doubt you do long before this.

you evidently had an interesting trip while out with the Tuckers. A little bit of almost every where and at the same time nowhere.

Will Lorene this may sound like a short letter but there is absolutely nothing interesting to talk about. I will hope to hear from you again very soon.

Lovingly. Your Brother