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Date: August 3rd 1918
Lorene (Sister)
Charles Willoughby


Aug 3/1918.

My Dear Lorene

Was very glad to receive your letter of July 9th today with mothers note attached. I can quite appreciate your sense of relief as soon as the last paper was handed in. And I know you will find you have had much beeter luck than you think you had. The hardest exams invariably demand are easy examiners so in the long run the average student is successful. Any how I know you are not worrying for you have certainly tried hard and no one can do more. I will never forget how I was absolutely certain of having at least four or five ‘super' on my matric and was certainly disappointed to find it wasn't so. of course happily disappointed.

Am glad to know my cable luckily arrived on the morning of your first exam. I had intended it to be so but of course had to rely on the cable service to see it was carried out.

It certainly is had luck about Jim and I hope by now he is feeling quite fit.

Maryon will have been over our way for at least a couple of weeks now. It is unnecessary for me to say I envy you the job of showing her a good time and I am certain you girls will be having a real good time. However I will be able to do my part next summer I hope.

With Mussons and Towners away things must have been temporarily quiet for you but then the prospect of a trip to Sparrow Lake yourself and a long visit from Maryon gave you quite sufficient to think about. - And there, incidentally, you had your fun learning to run the car.

The trips out Maple way sound rather good And judging from the quantity of supplies you usually return with I should think they are well worth your while.

So Bert Ebey is over here now. I am glad to hear it as Bert certainly deserves the experience after the trying personal times he has had during the last few years. By now I suppose Jamieson is here too

It was awfully decent of Mr Towner to take you down - town for dinner as a celebration for having finished the exams. They certainly are wonderful neighbors.

So some one has carried the word around to Shapters about Maryon and myself. of course it is really immaterial as to Ediths opinion but personally I can see no reason for any possibly offense. and dont suppose they will take it in anything but the proper spirit. How did you hear they knew?

And Dr Brown is back in civics. I am sure it must seem funny. I dont know how I will be able to do it at all.

Norma Emery has certainly made a name for herself. I had intended looking her up when I go to Paris. But now, of course, she is no longer there.

Every thing here is still very quiet. I am now at our A.D.P. having had a rather long turn up the line. Just now, in a quiet time, it doesnt make much difference where a chap is as we are always quite comfortable.

Well Lorene. there is not a great deal of news to write about tonight. Today another officer and I had quite a nice afternoon in ‘the town on the high Hill' I have described a couple of months ago. It was a very agreeable change back into civilization I hope you and Maryon are having the best of times. In fact I know you are.