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Date: May 18th 1918
Charles Willoughby


Saturday May 18.

My Dear Mother: -

This is a most glorious evening and we are tied up for the night about half way back to the base on our second trip this week. - Things have not been very busy with us during the last seven days and although we are on our second turn it really only means two day work.

A couple of days ago I received your very newsy letter of Apr 16th It just took one month to come. Rather slow service to say the least but at that we should be mighty thankful to get them at all.

Next day after writing you last week I sent a cable off for Lorene's birthday. I went down to our Headquarters town and found it was possible to send a week-end message. which means she may and may not get it for her birthday However I was glad to get anything at all away as it should at least beat the letters across.

At last I have received that generous Telegram cupping. They are certainly very fond of putting our pictures in everything. So you sent it to Aldershot first. - That is an actual demonstration of how it always pays to use "Holts." It may be a little slower but they always know my address and if it needs any more money to send it on further they simply take it from my account. - I dont know how they handle cables but I should think they would reforward it at my expense which would be very little - at present if you ever wanted to send a cable and feel fairly certain I was still at my present job you could address it - "Capt ---------Ambulance Flotillas - France."

By the way I got an acknowledgment from Holts dated May 10th that they had received my notice about sending you the £40 - so you can expect it before this letter reaches you. - I should also be able to send home probably £20 - this month or may wait another and send home twice that amount - After I get my Indian stuff paid back which will be June 30. I should be able to increase that almost £10 - a month. so you should be quite safe in putting all you want to into war - loan.

I am sure my cable must have been a surprise when headed "France" - I figured it should reach you about the time of my letters telling you about it and really didn't make a bad guess Did I?

Isn't it odd I have never heard from Agnes Shapter about the wedding present? I thought I would certainly have had some kind of a note - It doesn't worry me at all that's certain Thanks Lorene very much for the snap - It is real good of her and I have it placed in my pocket-book with the one of Maryon I have been carrying. - I hope Lorene isn't working too hard. - She were get her matric easy enough. They are compelled to be easy with them now or they would have to close the University.

It makes me glad to think you people lost so little time in getting busy with the car. - Take every chance to drive it yourself. Then if father wants to go bowling you can have a drive just the same. He must be a wonder at driving by now.

How do you really like day-light saving? It works wonderfully well over here. I dont see why the Canadian forces should find it any different. All they need to do is put there meals an hour later and everything is just the same.

So Ruth Humphreys has broken off the engagement with Gord. I dont blame her at all and am glad for her sake that it has happened. - Gordon has some very good points but he was never her style only she didn't know him. - No girl ever will - He is too smooth for that. - - Lorene was quite wise in not saying any thing before. You could never tell how she would have taken it. - Isn't it hard luck for Mr Armstrong? - He is the only one to be pitied.

I also had a letter from Auntie Loie. It was most interesting and gave me all the news from Cookstown - Uncle Reub must be making a real home of the old place. I am very glad to hear it.

I got a letter from Ralph Musson today. He is stationed a good piece almost straight South of me so at present we will hardly see each other unless one has move.

I have made the letter a good deal longer than I at first thought I could but your letter was so good that it gave me lots of material.

Every day they are expecting something more from old Fritz but dont worry about me, please, you know by now I am quite well situated so dont start imagining things.

Lovingly Yours.