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Date: September 9th 1918
Lorene (Sister)
Charles Willoughby


Sept 9/1918.

My Dear Lorene:

I have intended answering your letter of a couple of weeks ago almost every day since it arrived but mail has been gradually accumulating on me since I sent my pen to hospital about a month ago So now it is up to me to get busy again.

I received a letter from mother today dated Aug 18th which means about a two weeks gap since the last one she wrote However the others will surely turn up in time. From a remark in this letter I imagine the examination results have not turned out as you deserved to have them do. However I hope you are not worrying about it as you have absolutely no reason to do so. a person can only do there best and after that they must trust to luck. You have done your best and your luck wasn't in that is how things stood. The fact that your name does not appear in the successful list doesn't mean you didn't know enough to get through. It simply means that any fool examinations, examined by absolute strangeness, is a tremendous game of chance and between nervousness and no doubt unfair questions you didn't come out the way you deserved to do. Any how you didn't intend going to University so what difference does it really make. You have the same amount of education as you would have had you been successful and after all it is only the education you were after. The very fact of a certificate doesn't mean any thing one way or the other. - I know you are not worrying now. So we can all forget it. I will be anxious to hear about Kathleen, Glena & Hazel.

Today you are, I expect, in Chippewa, and probably I dont envy you a little bit. However, I hope to make up for lost time when I get home.

According to a few letters I have had from Maryon and the one from mother today I should think Maryon had about as busy a time while in Toronto as I had during my visit and it is taking the first part of your visit in Chippewa to really recuperate from the "rush". I should think the car covered a good few mile during Maryon two weeks with us I know she had an awfully good time and that is the main idea.

I had a letter from Stewart yesterday. She had just heard from home and said that Mrs Graham was quite impressed by Maryon. Which knowing Mrs Graham as I do means one of the biggest compliments any person can have paid to them. When Mrs Graham say a girl is "just alright" she must be all of that. Of course Mrs Graham's opinion in this case does not really mean any thing "new" to me. but I was interested to know what she would say, - As you remember even when Gertrude was at the height of her fame in the family circle Mrs Graham was never very much taken by her. None of Stewarts "flowers" have ever impressed her and yet she immediately falls in love with Maryon. Personally I wouldn't imagine it is possible for anyone to do otherwise.

By the time you return from your American tour you will have finished almost a three months continuous holiday and surely you will feel fit. Of course you deserve all the holidays you can find after the last year at school. The couple of weeks with Mussons must have been wonderful.

This letter written from up there is one of the most amusing I have ever read. I laugh every time I read it.

On the way back from Chippewa I expect you will be staying over in Chicago for a while. Now that you are over that way you would be foolish not to make a good long visit of it.

What is this Maryon says about you going into Balton Bank? Are you thinking seriously of taking up something like this? Banking would certainly be one of the nicest forms of war work.

Things are just about the same with me. I am still with the "Royal Scots" and am enjoying it immensely. I will only have another week with them before the regular M.O. returns. Of course we are still out of the line.

I am now looking forward to my English leave. I am now due for two weeks in England which I expect may marterialize about a month from now. So by the time you receive this I may be in England.

Had a letter from Jim Dickson & Vance Ball a few days ago. Jim seems to be having mighty fine work and is very doubtful about going home next Christmas. Of course that will hardly have any influence on my plans.

Rather interesting to hear about our friend "Major Armstrong". I can hardly see myself saluting him although we are really good friends.

As you will likely be at home when this arrives I will make it my weekly family letter.

The trip to Balton sounds quite exciting I am glad to know you had Mrs Frost for another couple of days. Rather hard luck the weather was so warm though. We seem to have extremely hot summer over there now. Certainly we didn't have much trouble that way last January.

Am glad to hear Louie Miltons wound is only slight. We are compelled to put practically every name in the casualty list although 75% are practically nothing at all. The war office of course almost writes home for a "tooth-ache" I should imagine they usually cause considerable confusion to the people at home and do very little good. If I should happen to have an "ingrown toe-nail" I will make certain to get my wire off first.

Tell mother to straighten up our accounts as soon as she like and to add at least 5% interest for 3 years - I have heard from Holts that they were forwarding another £50/ - on Sept 4th i.e. / July 1st £40 Sept 4th £50 = £90

Am sure the garage must look fine. It may cost a little more but will add wonderfully to the appearance and ultimately to the value of the place i.e. from the view of any person needing a fine home dont worry about sending me papers & parcels. The best English papers include the most important Canadian news. and the letters give me details So I am quite well supplied.

Am glad to know business is booming with Fatherr and I feel he will be satisfied that the car is a good investment It is not only an investment financially but a big health renewel which is the main thing after all.

I never felt better in my life than I have done lately This outdoor life certainly is grand but it beats me how a person gets fat.

Well Lorene I seem to have made this into a rather long letter so will now write a couple more and go up to the mess for dinner.

Your Loving Brother