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Date: September 2nd 1918
Charles Willoughby

Sept 2nd/1918.

My Dear Mother: -

I dont think I have enjoyed any of my over seas experiences better than I have the last few days back here in rest and as Medical Officer to a batallion

I think I mentioned in one of my last weeks letters that I expected to go to a batallion while the regular MO was away on two weeks leave. Well I arrived here about five days ago and have never felt more at home any where.

All the officers from the colonel down are about the finest group of men I ever hope to meet. From the first time you enter the mess they make a person feel you are absolutely one of the family and act accordingly

There is not a great deal of work to do - I have my daily sanitary Inspection of all the camps and then have my sick parade - outside of that I am free to come & go as I like and not domineered by any second rate old medical colonel such as is not uncommonly found in the R.A.M.C.F.

Yesterday and the day before I took the horse and rode about eight miles each way to have afternoon tea with some of my old barge friends. It was good to be back & see them again but I honestly wouldn't change them positions or experiences. Probably there isn't much real medical work in either place but at lease I feel that I am in the war. This afternoon the adjudcant and I took about another eight miles ran into my old headquarters town. It was the same dull place as ever and that means "mighty dead".

When you consider I have been walking about five & riding about fifteen miles a day lately you will realize that I am about as brown as a berry and never more "fit" in my life. - In my beat I can never get fat but I assure you I dont look as though I am altogether wasting away. There is no doubt about it this open air life is the best of the lot. I dont know how I will ever be able to settle down to any other kind Canadian mails are absolutely angry lately There hasn't been any now for over two weeks. I am doubly anxious for them now because they also include my American supply and this particular delivery should bring me word about Lorenes exams.

There is absolutely nothing interesting to write about tonight. I will hope to hear from you probably tomorrow.



PS. I instructed Holts to forward another fifty pounds (£50/) so you can be on the look out again. - This should amount to $24300 Less a probable commission.