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Date: March 6th 1918
Willoughby, Charles

R.A.M.C. Mess
Aldershot Mar 6'18

Dear People:

Evidently the mails are just as crazy as the boats and quite naturally so. Anyway no Canadian mail has shown itself around this country since I arrived. Jim has had the same luck.

My letter from Stew of last night did not mention having heard from home so I conclude we are all in the same boat.

I am now settled down to the same old hospital routine and things are just the same as before I went home. There is no use of me going into further detail for you know well enough how comfortable I am.

The boys in the mess here are a very congenial crowd indeed. Bridge is the chief pastime and of course I do not object to that.

All over England now they are very much interested in the new food laws but so far we have no reason to complain here in the mess and I don't suppose we shall have unless things in general become a great deal worse than at present.

In London they have introduced the ration scheme and for the last week or so they hardly know where they are at - one thing certain they are far from starving - I think the whole idea is to, as far as possible, provide a more satisfactory distribution of the food supply. They have everything run by the card system - the housekeeper presents her allowance card to the butcher etc when she is making her purchase - while anyone eating at restaurants have to present their meat and sugar cards to get these courses at the meals.

On Monday afternoon Snider suggested we should go to London so we caught the 330 train and went to see Beecham's Grand Opera in "Samson and Delilah." The music was certainly very fine; quite the prettiest music I have heard in grand opera.

I got a letter from Stewart last night and he hopes to come down here for the week-end with me. We should have a might good time of it for two or three days. I know we will have lots to talk about at least.

I suppose Lorene is working hard at school now. I do hope she gets her matric this year for I know how she must be "fed-up" with high school.

By the way. Maryon's birthday is April 28th. Now, when I was in Chicago I noticed she had no silver hand satchel like Jim gave Lorene. So I told Auntie Berry I would have her get one for Maryon and I would send her the money to do it with. She was quite willing. I now realize how foolish it would be to send the money from here so I think it would be better to have you send Auntie such a small amount from my account. I told Auntie I wanted a good one which I suppose would come between $5.00 and $10.00 or more - I don't know I am sure. Anyway I am going to write Auntie about it and tell her to collect through you people. But just in case my mail should go astray I would like you to write her as well. The initials are "M.H.F" - She will understand. Is there anything else you happen to know she would like better than one of those silver purses? Would it not be a disadvantage to get it in Toronto and possibly have duty to pay? I will leave it entirely with you people and Auntie Berry.

I have not heard from Vance yet although Jim Dickson happened to meet him in London after I left for Aldershot.

I think this is all for this week. Will hope to get some mail very soon.