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Date: December 6th 1918
Lorene (Sister)
Charles Willoughby

Luibourg Belgium

Dec 6/1918.

My Dear Lorene:

Here we are right across Belgium. We started at Ypres on Sept 27th and have fought and marched across the very widest part of the country The opinion we had of the place before starting has considerably altered as we have gone along and now it is completely the reverse.

This week has brought a wonderfully large and interesting letter from you and also another from mother. There has been a good share of American mail as well so I haven't been doing too badly at all.

Well, Lorene, this has been quite an interesting week. I think I last wrote you from Embourg, a suburb of Liege We had a very fine day or two there and then moved on through particularily beautiful country to a small town called Theux, between Spa and Verviers. Enroute we passed a good many of the old Liege forts which meant so much at the beginning of the war.

Theux was a most wonderful little town. - about as quaint as any place I have ever seen. It was situated in one of the prettiest valleys of this grand district on one of the hills, looking down on the village. Stood the old ruins of a thirteenth century castle The house where we had our "mess" was built 1630.

Next day we moved along the Verviers It was another very pretty little city. However it was quite modern in comparison to other places Very much like a small Liege.

Today we came on again to this place. It is quite an ordinary village in another wonderful valley just near the German frontier There seems to be two names to the place I suppose one is German and one Belgian. "Dalhain" is the other name. The people are supposed to be Belgian but a fair share are certainly Bosche. In my billet the mother is full German, The husband Belgian and the daughter - neutral. They actually admit the war has made no difference to them and didn't care who won.

I didnt get finishing this letter last night so am trying to do so now before we start off again. The time is now 700 a.m. I have just finished breakfast

Poor Toronto seems to have had a terrible time celebrating peace on the strength of that false rumour. I wonder who started such a report. The same story was around England but people are so used to rumours over here that no one believed it.

However I am glad to hear by mothers letter that the town had an opportunity to celebrate the real signing of the Armistice on Nov 11th.

Am glad to hear you are now driving the car yourself. So Glena is trying the same game too.

Am sorry to hear that Calum Duff had such a terrible death. Did he join the tank corps?

Thanks very much for putting a little more of my money into the war Loan. It is not bad interest to say the least, as will as helping a good cause.

In a few more days I expect to be on my way to England. It may be I will beat this letter across the channel but one can't be sure so I will post it here and take a chance.

Well Lorene it is now almost time for us to be moving again so I must close.

Your Loving brother


Kornellimünster Germany.

Dec 7th 1918

Dear Lorene:

It is now 330 P.M. We have just arrived. Crossed the border at 940 a.m Will try and write another letter tonight. This place is a short distance South of Aix La Chappel.