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Date: September 18th 1916
Henry Baird

Sept. 18/9/16

Dear Brother

I Received your Most welcome Letter on the 14th and was glad to hear that you are all well I this Letter Leaves me Jake. It is poaring rain at the present But I dont think we will have to go out I am in A dugout with A bunch of the sick. I have had three more boils on my shoulder I have been Laid up for 7 days now but I think I will be going into the trenches Again tomorrow. We have A fine dugout here it is A new dressing station just put up A month Ago it is all painted white inside we were the first to use it.

There are eight of us here now. The rest of the boys are in the trenches. We were here two days before they sent us any rations but we have got Lots now. Last night for supper we cooked beef steak. French Fried potatoes. Fried onions. bread Butter And Jam, pineapple And we cooked it all on A Lid of A biscuit can (Some supper) Well Andy every thing is pretty quiet on this front at the present time there is nothing much doing The battn has had 25 days in the trenches now. So that is not bad for the time we have been here. One of the old 77 men was killed yesterday I would have wrote before this only I cant get my Letter censored untill I go back to my company I guess I will get the parcel you sent me when I go back. I think we will soon have A crack at them up at the Somme As I think we all have to take a turn at it up there. I dont suppose you hear Any word of Jimm[?] Romea I havent saw him for over two months. But they are right close to us. I think I will close for this time I may write Some more before I mail this So bye bye.

With Love to All
I Remain Your Brother
T.H. Baird

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